Room Hire


Currently there is no availability for room hire, please email us to go on our waiting list.

Room Facilities
Suitable for individual or couple consultations

Fully air conditioned room

Private courtyard, bathroom and kitchen facilities.
The space is a light filled calm and a inviting space with its own beautiful private courtyard, this could be used as a waiting area or as your practice space.
Room for therapy is centrally located in Alexandria, with only a short 15min walk to mascot station. There is plenty of all day parking in Birmingham street or 1 hour parking on Botany road.
This space is ideal for counsellors, psychotherapists, naturopaths, life coach or similar.


1/2 day   8am – 2pm or 2pm – 9pm $70 + gst
Full day  8am – 9pm $130 + gst
We have an online appointment booking system that is accessible through a phone/iPad application or website.
A 24 hour cancellation required


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